Welcome to the College of Transfiguration, NPC - a provincial centre for the training of Anglican clergy.
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Welcome to the College of Transfiguration, NPC, the only provincial residential college of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.  We have a long history and many strands of priestly formation and theological education in a tradition of excellence in prayer and worship, learning and discovery, and a shared life in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Theological Seminary
The College encourages in students a serious engagement with disciplined learning, a critical understanding of the faith, and a passionate commitment to the transformation of God's world. Accordingly we nurture an environment of critical enquiry, a rhythm of prayer and worship, of study and work, and of community building. We grow together as a community of faith, we value each other as persons created in the image of God, we correct each other's mistakes and we learn from them.

Vision and Mission
Our vision is seeking to become a premier residential centre for theological education and for the training of Anglican clergy in Africa, with a worldwide reputation for academic excellence. 
The Mission Statement: 
  • preparing women and men for the church's ministry, seeking to discern God's will, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and by the transformation of lives and the structures of society according to God's holy will; and by 
  • growing a discipleship of quality priestly ministry, from an African world-view and context. A ministry that is critical and creative, informed and transforming, and thus contributes to a moral leadership for church and society.
A warm welcome to the website of the College of Transfiguration.  
Our motto: Form, Inform, Transform expresses our commitment to develop informed citizens and moral leaders of Southern Africa and ministers of the Church that have been formed and transformed through a process of daily spiritual discipline, communal engagement with cultural diversity. We encourage all members of our ecumenical family to experience the wealth of learning offered at the College. We are confident that graduates of the College will leave with a rich, profound education. Thank you for your interest in and support of the College of Transfiguration.  
Yours in Christ Service 

Revd Canon Dr Vicentia Kgabe 

Meet the Council, our Governing Body