Welcome to the College of Transfiguration, NPC - a provincial centre for the training of Anglican clergy.


The Advanced Diploma in Ministry is a one year programme with a focus on Anglican Studies and Practical Theology. It offers an intense, concentrated and applied interaction with theological disciplines so as to provide graduates with a deep and systematic understanding of current thinking, practice, theory and methodology in relation to ministerial praxis within an Anglican environment. 
The Advanced Diploma in Ministry seeks to build on the prospective candidates’ prior engagement with theological studies to equip them to function as acknowledged leaders in church and society, and as agents of transformation.

Admission Requirements

A Diploma in Philosophy, Religion and Theology (CESM 17), more particularly Christianity (CESM 170303) or a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Religion and Theology (CESM 17), more particularly Christianity (CESM 170303).  
Students who do not meet any one of these requirements may apply for exemption by recognition of prior learning. Each application will be considered on its merits. Amongst other criteria the College considers the student's suitability for the programme, literacy level and previous work experience. Those from disadvantaged and/or previously disadvantaged communities will be given special consideration.

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  • Anglican Studies  
  • Pastoral Care  
  • Preaching in an Anglican Context  
  • Advanced Studies in Anglicanism  
  • Theology and Development
  • Liturgical Studies  
  • Homiletics  
  • Christian Ethics  
  • Transforming Christian Education  
  • Youth Ministry in African Christian Contexts  
  • The Bible in the World Today  
  • Christianity and the Church in Africa  
  • New Testament Greek  
  • Systematic Theology in Contemporary Perspective