About Alumni

The College has a widespread network of alumni and interest groups whom it serves, including the clergy responsible for training the ministers, the parishes receiving these ministers, and the many members of the Anglican congregations spread across the country. Alumni include all former ordinands and graduates of the College, including graduates of St Paul’s, St Bede’s, le Lapha le Jesu and St Peters.

We would love to link in and keep updated on your stories and achievements and to keep the College fresh in your hearts and minds. Why lose touch with fellow students and lecturers who have played such a meaningful and important role in your life? By joining the COTT Alumni Association, you can be sure of remaining part of our family, keeping up to date with what is happening at your Alma Mater and receiving on-going emotional and spiritual support. We hope that as we develop the School of Ministry that our Alumni will join us for online support and short courses.

The Alumni Association serves as an umbrella body, connecting local, overseas and regional groups, providing a forum through which you can maintain links with each other and the College, and offering opportunities to be of service to COTT.

Thank you and God bless you.
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