Life at the College

At the College of the Transfiguration community engagement is not incidental to getting a qualification but rather an essential part of the process of empowering our student ministers to help facilitate communities of faith, contribute to social change and social cohesion, and enable a truly transforming humanity.

We have a proud history of interaction with the wider Grahamstown and Anglican communities and have a Pastoral Placement Programme through which our students become actively engaged in the wider community.

Life at the College of the Transfiguration is centred in the Chapel where we begin every day – and end most days – together in worship. Worship is led by students, faculty and visiting guests or alumni. Chapel music is provided by the College choir and marimba band working with the College liturgist.

Students are placed in small formation groups at the start of the year for personal support, fellowship and enrichment. These groups meet weekly and work together to lead services, choose appropriate music and prayers, and to have fun and relax together.

A rigorous routine of daily prayer is designed to deepen and engrain timeless forms of worship. Morning Prayer, evening prayer, corporate meditation and daily Eucharist form part of this routine.

Residential life allows students to actively engage with one another across culture, gender and life experience, making this aspect of College life one of the most challenging and enriching. All meals are taken together in a communal dining hall and the annual timetable has planned community days and events.

Academic development and critical thought is considered a continuation of the spiritual development of the student, challenging prior conceptions and deepening understanding of the Anglican and Biblical tradition.


The College life is structured around a rhythm of prayer and worship, study and leisure. Daily life is centred in the Chapel. The day begins and ends in corporate worship, with Morning or Evening Prayer, or a Eucharist. Weekday mornings commence with corporate silent meditation, with guided meditations being offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Learners are expected to take their turn in leading and preparing for worship. Chapel worship reflects the diversity of languages spoken within the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA). There are regular quiet days and retreats. The College equips students for internal disciplines required of priest in a parish setting.

Computer Lab

Understanding that our students require access to excellent IT facilities, we provide access to the computer room round the clock. The lab has 28 terminals and students also have access to photocopying and scanning facilities. In addition there is wireless access within the vicinity of the lab. Network access is available in the main residential block and at the off campus residences for singe and married students.


There is a range of accommodation offered on College grounds for married or unmarried students. Single students have their own study bedrooms.

Married students who wish to bring family to the College can apply for accommodation through the Registrar’s office. Send the applications to
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