Why give?

The College has a number of transformative projects in order to effectively address its core businesses of teaching and learning, students’ formations and community engagement. Like many other South African colleges, due to limited internal resources, there is a growing need to seek funds from outside sources to augment the College's investments in these key transformative areas.

Where to give?

Funding can be directed towards key priority projects of the College in support of its core businesses of teaching and learning, students’ formations and community engagement. Read more

How to give to Cott?


A bequest is defined as an act of giving personal property or money such as stocks, bonds, jewellery and cash left to an individual or organisation through the provisions of a will or estate plan. Bequests can be made to family, friends, institutions or charities. The College recommends that you consult your attorney when making or amending your will, if you wish to make a provision including Cott. Bequests may be stated as a percentage of the estate, as the residual of the estate or a specific rand amount.

The advantages of bequeathing to Cott:
• No loss of income during your lifetime
• Bequests are simple and relatively inexpensive
• Bequests can have a major and lasting impact on the future of the University and generation to come.

Donations in kind
The College also welcomes donations in kind, be they in the form of goods or services e.g. books for the library or computer equipment.

If you wish to make a donation in kind please contact the Administration Office by sending an email to admin@cott.co.za and inform us about your intention. You will be contact to facilitate and finalise your contribution.

Telephonic donation
You can also contact the Administration Office at this number +27 46 622 3332 to make a telephonic donation. You will be assisted with your contribution and wishes.

Cash or cheque
For security reasons we encourage those wishing to make cash or cheque donations to deposit money into the College’s bank account. Use your name and cellphone number as your reference number.

The banking details are:
Bank: Standard bank
Account name: College of Transfiguration
Account number: 082 0353 18
Branch number: 050917
Branch name: Grahamstown

Donor recognition
All donations are tax deductible. Donors will be acknowledged will also be included in the announcements and news sections of the College as and when they happen.
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