Communique from Rector

My dear Seminarians,

South Africa has moved to Lockdown Level One as of midnight of 20th September 2020, active cases of Covid-19 in the Sarah Baartman District – which Makana Municipality is part of, are on the decline. And the College Covid-19 Committee has deemed it safe to begin a carefully planned return of students to campus.

Return to campus will be phased in two stages. The first group of students will be invited to return to campus early in October and the second group will be invited to return mid the month of October. This initial phase of return will give us time to train the first returning students and to set up the safety protocols designed to best ensure the safety of all members of the community. Please note preparation to travel to Grahamstown should only be done when you have received the invitation to return from the Registrar.

Returning students will be required to complete an online training class outlining the behaviours and protocols that will be required to comply with the College Covid-19 Policies. This will be followed by an assessment that will be designed to ensure that each student returning is aware of, and will comply with, the Covid-19 safety regulations. Compliance with the policies/guidelines is imperative and needs to be adhered to, to keep each other safe and curbing the spread of the virus.

Travel to the campus will be regulated through the office of the Registrar and returning students will be required to isolate themselves in their place of residence upon arrival at the College for 14 days. No gatherings will take place in the Chapel, Common Room and Lecture Rooms. All learning on return to campus will continue to be online until indicated otherwise by the Rector.

We look forward to welcoming you back.