Academic Staff

Meet the Academic Staff

Revd Dr Percy Chinganga
Lecturer in Leadership & Development, Christian Education and Pastoral Studies . PhD in Education (Rhodes University) Med (Rhodes University) MA; Grad Cert in Education; BA (University of Zimbabwe) DipMin (College of Transfiguration)
Revd Dr Frank England
Lecturer in Ethics, Systematic Theology, Anglican Studies and New Testament Greek. BA; BA (Hons); MA; PhD (University of Cape Town) BA (Hons); BTh (Hons); BA (Hons) MA (University of South Africa)
Revd. Gcebile Gina
Lecturer in Systematic Theology
Dr Jonathan May
Lecturer in Biblical Studies
BD (Hons); PhD (University of Glasgow)
Revd Dr Berry Muchemwa
Lecturer in Christian Spirituality, Church History and Systematic and Practical Theology
PhD in Practical Theology (Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam) MA Int.Th (Radboud University); LTh (Radboud University) BA Hons. Rel Stud (University of Zimbabwe) Dip. Phil (Catholic Seminary), Cert. RFM (Irish Missionary Union).
Revd Dr Simon Tibbs
Lecturer in Anglicanism, Liturgy and Church History
PhD (Newcastle University); MA (Edinburgh University) MA (Cambridge)