Message from the Joint Acting Rectors

The Revd Dr Percy Chinganga

The Feast of Transfiguration points to the description in three of the gospels of the revelation of Jesus as the one in whom the light of God shines and as the fulfilment of the Law and  the Prophets.   Life in community can be both joy and struggle, but we hope that in each person’s time in College, in  both  joy and struggle, we will recognise this divine light in our midst.

Life in the College consists of four inter­ connected parts: Prayer and worship, Study, Formation and Community Work. All four aspects are equally important, so whilst we are an academic institution, we are also a praying and worshipping community, called to bring justice, hope and light to those among whom we live and work. It is especially important that, like Christ, we listen to and care for one another, especially those who appear unimportant or peripheral.

The College is committed to working towards an environment  that is  free of  violence  of any kind. It goes without saying that there should be no place for physical, sexual, emotional, or spiritual violence. Nor should there be abuses of power. Further, no-one should experience discrimination on the basis of sexuality, gender, class, language, or disability.

The Revd Canon Janet Trisk

We are working to ensure our campus is easily accessible. In these times of climate crisis, there is also no  place for violence to our environment. We are committed  to caring for the campus and surrounding areas. We hope each one of  us will attempt to live more simply and lightly on the earth.

In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic with all the uncertainties that it brings, we are committed to ensuring that we care for the health and safety of all other members of the College community, and indeed the community of Makhanda. We are mindful that we hold one another’s lives in our hands.

This year is a time of transition at College as one rector leaves and another   appointment is yet to be made. The Archbishop and College Council have appointed us, Janet Trisk and Percy Chinganga, to act together as interim joint rectors.

We take on this role as members of a much bigger team, every one of  whom  is vital  to the  running  of College.


The Revd Canon Janet Trisk and The Revd Dr Percy Chinganga