Why Study With Us ?

The College of Transfiguration, NPC is the residential seminary that offers training and formation for Anglican clergy in Southern Africa. 

The College is an engaged community of staff, students, administrators and support staff working in close proximity with a shared vision and mission. The challenges of working in a culturally diverse community of ordained and non-ordained students and staff which includes all races and genders is an enriching learning experience that prepares students for ministry beyond the College and for the realities of 21st century Southern Africa.  

Many of the learning experiences include digitization and academic literacy which is gained through student support and learning. Studying at the College is not incidental to getting a qualification but rather an essential part of the process of empowering our student ministers to help facilitate communities of faith, contribute to social change and social cohesion, and to enable a truly transforming humanity.  

We have a proud history of interaction with the wider Grahamstown and Anglican communities and have a pastoral placement programme through which our students become actively engaged in the wider community.

Interested, download the application form below: